February Garden Tasks

It might be chilly outside, but February is the perfect time to start thinking, and planning, for the upcoming season! Here are some suggestions for February Garden Tasks.

Stock up on basics
Nothing is worse than catching a nice early Spring day, and realizing you have to run to the garden store instead. Take time now to stock up on essentials , or even better, find ways to reuse and upcycle items from your home!

  • Leaf bags, or upcycled paper grocery bags
  • Bags of soil (topsoil to enrich beds, or potting soil for planters)
  • Plant markers. Start saving popsicle sticks for an easy upcycled option
  • Planters or other containers. Get creative with pots or containers you already have
  • Twine, or in a pinch yarn can work just as well
  • Mulch
  • Weed cloth. Or, save those newspapers for a green alternative

Tool maintenance
Check your tools to see what needs to be cleaned, oiled, or sent our for maintenance. Keeping tools in good working condition ensure they last longer, work better, and it helps save money!

Check those tubers!
If you are storing any tubers, bulbs, or corms for the winter, check to see they haven’t softened or started growing mold. Compost any that are no longer useful.

Order seeds
It’s seed catalogue time! One of our favorite pastimes is curling up with a hot beverage by the fire and circling all the seeds we desire. First, be sure to plan your flower and vegetable beds so you know exactly what you need. Be sure to remember your fall plantings.
The earlier you order, the better the selection!

You can also ask your local garden club or neighborhood groups about hosting a local seed exchange.

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